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Frequently Asked Questions 

Where can I meet with you?
We have offices in North Conway, Berlin and Manchester. We often visit clients in their homes, hospitals and nursing homes. After serious accidents, many people are confined to their beds and homes. We are happy to go to you wherever you are in New Hampshire.

What kind of claims do you handle?
We have lawyers admitted in New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts and have handled cases in each of these states. We work with counsel throughout the country on cases where people were injured here (the greater Mt. Washington Valley) and live elsewhere, as well as cases where New Hampshire residents were injured in other states.

This is a sampling of the types of claims we handle: auto, truck, motorcycle, ATV and snowmobile accidents; dog attacks; medical malpractice; insurance coverage litigation; construction and workplace accidents; premises liability accidents; product liability claims; liquor liability claims; injuries to children; sexual abuse cases; and wrongful death claims.

Types of injuries include (but aren't limited to): neck and spinal cord injuries; brain injuries; fractures of all kinds; whiplash; burns; emotional injuries including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD); joint replacement; medical product injuries (jaw, hip or breast implants); permanent and short term injuries; death claims and serious personal injuries.

Your firm has a reputation for being nice people. Don't I need nasty, aggressive, screw-turning, baseball bat-wielding attorneys to help me with my personal injury claim?
No, you don’t—but you do need help.  Our primary personal injury partner, Paul Chant, is the Chairman for the New Hampshire Association for Justice, formerly know as the New Hampshire Trial Lawyers Association.  Its the Trial Lawyers   Paul has earned the respect of defense counsel and adjusters statewide.  Use that experience and respect!

Insurance companies are in the business of managing risk. While you have only one case, they have tens or hundreds of thousands. They evaluate their cases coldly and analytically.

What carriers should not do is systematically underpay people because they can. Insurers should not take advantage of the fact that people have big medical bills and are out of work to get them to take less than their case is worth. They should not delay reasonable payments of claims. They should not take recorded statements of people immediately after an accident when they are medicated and stressed.

What you need is an able, skilled advocate who will build and defend your case, who will present your case properly to get you the compensation you deserve, as promptly as possible. We rarely scream or are nasty. We are strong and firm. It works.

How will having an experienced personal injury attorney help me?
Just as you should have an experienced professional build an addition on your house, repair your car, or provide you with medical care, you should have a professional handle your personal injury claim.

We know how to handle accident cases: How to gather, review and present injurty claims. How to deal with employers and creditors during litigation. How to hire and work with qualified medical and liability experts. And how to evaluate, communicate and resolve cases with insurance companies and their counsel.

What damages am I entitled to after being injured in an accident?
If you are injured in an accident that was someone else’s fault (in the legal world, we call it “failure to use reasonable care” or “negligence”), you are legally entitled to recover the following personal injury damages:

  1. The cost of all reasonable medical care resulting from the accident (including future care when a doctor has indicated such care will be necessary);
  2. The gross amount of all lost wages you suffer from the accident (not the net amount or less as some insurance companies tell you);
  3. Full, fair and adequate compensation for your pain and suffering, emotional distress, disfigurement and loss of enjoyment of life. In serious injury cases, this is usually the most substantial element of your claim, and the one most people know about the least and have the least information on how to present to an insurance company).
  4. In cases where you are married at the time of the accident, the loss of the society, care and affection of your spouse. (Post-accident periods can be exceptionally difficult for families and couples).

Note that in certain specific claims, additional damages can be awarded, such as with death claims and claims where the defendant’s conduct is willful or wanton.

How do you evaluate cases and how long does it take?
When you are injured in an accident, no one—including your doctors knows precisely what course your recovery will take. We handle horrific accidents, where it is immediately clear that the injured person's life (and that of their family) will never be the same, as well as very modest accidents where the injuries do not appear so serious right after the accident. Sometimes, the injuries and the paths they of recovery are not what we, the clients or the doctors expect.

Here's an example of a case we had: A car is rear-ended at very low speed in traffic. Our client complained of neck and headache after accident, but drove the car, which had no visible damage, from the scene. A year and a half or so later, after not getting better, the client required neck surgery. Did the accident necessitate the surgery? This case, which was referred to us by another firm as a modest case, led to a very significant recovery after we were able to establish the neck surgery as substantially caused by the accident.

An individual without representation would not have been able to convince the insurance company of the of how the surgery was causee by the accident  or to get their doctors to present those opinions to the insurer.

How long will my case take to resolve?
Good question. The answer will depend on how long it takes you to recover from your injuries. Sometimes, for example with some soft tissue and simple fracture cases, we are able to resolve cases within six months of an injury. In more serious cases, it often takes more than a year for medical treatment to help you recover as much as you can from an accident. In orthopedic cases where doctors do surgery or where there is a brain injury, it is customary for doctors to wait a year after surgery to determine what level of permanent impairment you will have. Often the lifelong effects of an injury have significant value. We will move your case along, but for your own good, you will need to be patient, as the value of life long injuries is significant.

I was injured at work in an auto accident. Do I have a claim other than a workers compensation claim?
These claims are common. We handle a number of them each year. Tradesman are often injured in auto accidents while on the road. When the accident is the fault of another, you have the same rights to bring an accident claim against the other driver as in any other case. By statute, upon settlement, the workers compensation carrier has a right to repayment for what they have paid to you, but the claims are still very worthwhile to bring (workers compensation only pays 60% of average weekly wage and pays nothing for pain, suffering and loss of enjoyment of life). Do not let your workers compensation carrier handle your tort claim– they will likely be working to recover their money, not money for you.

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