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At Cooper Cargill Chant, we believe individuals should be entitled to full, fair and adequate compensation when they suffer injury as the result of someone else’s carelessness. Most accidents are eminently preventable and would not have occurred had people been paying proper attention.

In New Hampshire, more than one-third of all fatal auto accidents involve drunk drivers. New studies show that inattentive (texting) drivers are as dangerous as those under the influence. Too often, people just weren’t paying attention. That is how rear-end accidents occur. Other times, people are in too much of a hurry, and many of our winter accidents involve people going too fast for winter conditions. Similiarly, most serious industrial accidents should not occur in this day and age. If proper safety rules were followed, the accidents would not have happened.

We also do not believe that to meet our clients' goals we need to be either nasty, mean or overly aggressive. Clients want a reasonable, fair settlement and to move on with their lives. We have found the best way to get these settlements in a timely way is to educate the insurance carrier or corporate defendant responsible for the damages on both why they are liable and what the damages are. We do this with comprehensive damage packages, which we prepare when our clients get to their medical end results (when their doctors can tell us what the future will likely be for them). In most cases, we then resolve the case without the need to file suit.

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